Dear traveler.

We’re honored that you’re considering becoming a contributor to Accents are Sexy. Please read on to find more about what we like to write about and how.

Style and Substance


Ask yourself how will this make the reader a better experiential traveler.  If you are struggling to answer this, write about something else.


Our readers are mostly millennials, who speak English as a first, second, or sometimes third language.  Write in clear and concise English. Inject some of your personality, if you can, but not at the expense of understandability.  Avoid country specific idioms and insider-joke. 


Your work should offer value from your own head, experience, or research – rather than a scattering of thoughts pulled from across the web distilled into a list. Furthermore, unapproved republishing of preexisting posts to Accents are Sexy (“syndication”) is a huge no-go – and a great way to lose writer privileges.


The best performing pieces are transferrable strategies wrapped in personal stories. Even the most intellectually stimulating pieces need an emotionally engaged reader to absorb and apply the learnings. Do that at least in your opening and closing.


We like content that inspires action or change. Your piece should inspire the reader to be a better traveler and better human being.

Positive &  Non-Judgemental

Your angle should be positive. If what you want to say is negative, it’s best to keep it for yourself.  Everyone and every culture has challenges, approach those topics carefully and constructively. Avoid bashing any particular group of people. Be aware of your own biases.

Thought Provoking

Does it make you stop and think? Your content should help the reader reconsider and deconstruct previous assumptions.  The reader should go away as a better person.


Your content should provide insight into experiential travel, other cultures, and human nature by answer the questions “Why?”. Assumptions are the lowest form of knowledge so use facts, research, and personal experience.


Key Topics

Something you want to share about your culture.

A stereotype you want to abolish or a fun fact about your culture. Make sure you use a healthy dose of self-awareness.

Something you learned about another culture.

A personal account from a learning experience. Something you wish someone taught you ahead of time, and that would help someone else have a better travel experience.

An in-depth exploration of a specific aspect of a culture. 

Music, traditions, festival, literature, humor or worldview – regardless the topic, always ask the question: “Why?”.  Part of understanding a culture understands the “Why” behind the action, or beliefs. It helps us related and better appreciate that which is different.

Tips & Strategies for a better travel or cultural experience.

Tips and strategies for any aspect of a trip or even an experience at home when it comes to understanding and connects with another culture.

Travel Journal

Recounting of a trip you’ve taken that provides insight into a culture through your personal experience.

Personal Essay

A reflect on a topic within the realm of travel and cultures with the goal of providing a new perspective or more depth.

Curated Content

If you want to share existing content that has been so well written that you could not have written it better, provide context by framing the topic and lead the reader down the path you want them to go before linking to the article.

We’re looking forwarding to reading your work. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.