Who is Peter?

Peter is a Hungarian-Canadian entrepreneur. He was born in Budapest and has lived in  Hungary, Algeria, and Canada before settling in the United States.

What should you ask?

Anything, really!   You may have questions that were never really addressed in a guidebook. Even items that you don’t know how to ask for fear of being insensitive in today’s climate of political correctness. It’s best to have all your questions answered than remain ignorant, or worse, continue to harbor biases and prejudices without realizing it. Lastly, as your teacher always said, there are no stupid questions. So please, ask away!

Why you should ask me?

Growing up in three countries and living in as many continents provided a very diverse backdrop for my education and life experiences.  Interacting with people with many different worldviews and experiences helps me appreciate how others see the world – that there is not one single right angle.

In college, I joined AIESEC, a student association where over 5 years I was responsible for helping students make the transition into new cultures where they would work and learn. Either receiving foreigners or assisting Canadians to go abroad.

My passion and fascination for the human mind and culture have been with me since an early age, and as I traveled to 30 countries, I’ve deliberately and consciously focused on learning about the people and their culture.

Thus I have vast experience in travel and foreign cultures; I can explain a concept in a way that is adapted to the listener.  I am also aware of my limitations and can use the vast network that I have developed to get the best answer to any question.

As a white male, I have a particular experience. I am aware that depending on your race or gender, your experience may differ. I always seek out the relevant points of view within my network to get you the best answer possible.

I’m ready, I have a question!

Click here to ask your question. I’ll ask for clarifications if needed and get you the best answer possible.