In the beginning

An Accents are Sexy Meetup in San Francisco

An Accents are Sexy event in San Francisco. Always a diverse, wordly crowd and many engaging conversations.

Accents are Sexy was started as a Meetup group in April 2011, when Peter Kovacs, felt the burning desire to travel, but was unable to do so due to commitments with his startup. Peter sought to bring the international experiences to him – meeting people from different countries and learning about their cultures – instead of traveling to it. Accents are Sexy quickly became the “international fix” for many people between trips and the source of countless friendships.

Since then, Peter got to travel to many amazing places and met countless fascinating people. With all the new technology and tools he noticed that something was still missing – the human side.

There are many apps that make travel easier and a lot of information about “What to do” in a new country, but very little about who the people are and how they see the world. 

After reflecting on ways to help others enjoy travel the way he has always done: through meaningful connections with locals and understanding their culture, the idea for the guide was born.

What do we do?

We break down cultural barriers by providing insider travel tips for experiencing place and culture like a local.


What does this mean?

There are many ways to travel – there is no one right way.

Some people want to relax on the beach, or prefer to stay in their comfort zone by booking hotels that remind them of their home environment, staying with other tourists from their home country, or simply taking pictures from a distance.

While others want to dig a little deeper, connect with the local people and understand their  culture and how they see the world. These travelers are curious and ask questions. They want to know why things are done the way they. They want to understand. They also know that the best way to learn about a real day-to-day culture is through human connections.

When you meet someone from a vastly different culture and worldview, there are many obstacles that can get in the way of establishing that connection. Some are internal, inside our heads, and some are external.

Accents are Sexy is here to help you get past these obstacles and onto the good stuff.  The moment when you are having a conversation with someone who has a very different life experience, but you also realize how much you have in common. That moment when you feel, deep inside you a powerful connection.

This is when true cultural exchange begins –  when you start to see the world through their eyes and them through yours. This is when your understanding of their culture goes from skin deep to a whole other level. This may even be the start of a beautiful friendship.

But I only have two weeks of vacation

Yes, many do and this is why a little advance preparation and planning can go a long way to make the limited time you have there as amazing as possible.

It’s like going to a country with no language skills versus taking the time learn the basics first. It’s a little investment that is well worth it.

If you travel the way we do, you won’t touch eight countries in 7 days, but the trip will be more memorable, that I promise you.

Alright, show me how!

Our travel guide is divided into five sections: intro, know yourself, preparation, on the trip and post trip.

Start from the beginning and go through each section. You may find that you already practice some of the skills but both newbie and seasoned travelers will find new insights and tips. If you have any questions or feedback we’d love to hear from you.

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